Notes To Gmail Contacts Conversion Definitely Possible With Us

Growing needs are many and one of them is Notes to Gmail contacts conversion. Are you the one who wants to carry out Notes contacts to Gmail conversion quickly? If yes, then get our external Lotus Notes to Gmail software because of its high-capacity to perform Lotus Notes to Gmail conversion at lesser risk rate of data loss.

Why Notes to Gmail Required?

  1. Many a times Lotus Notes email clients wanted to access some of their contacts in Gmail or Google Mail email platform especially when moving to Gmail.
  2. In another case, you might want Notes contacts to Gmail when some of your acquaintances (using Gmail platform) required your contacts from Lotus Notes.

In both the situations Lotus Notes to Gmail conversion is required to be done with professional utility otherwise it is quite difficult to perform prim and proper contacts conversion.

Notes to GmailLotus Notes to Gmail Lotus Notes to Gmail

Some vital features tool has got:

  • Software will convert Notes contacts to Gmail with amazing speed which resultantly saves your bulk amount of time
  • The amazing element in software is that it converts data not only in Gmail but also in CSV file format tool. The advantage of conversion of contacts into CSV helps you in accessing contacts in Excel as well
  • This tool maintains high quality from the beginning till the end of contacts conversion. Tool never let your data cause any issue such as names, address, contact number, etc. Along with this, original fields, contacts attachments will not get hampered at all.

Notes to Gmail Conversion In FREE Trial:

You can learn the entire way of conversion of names.nsf file to Gmail by downloading tool in freeware version. This conversion helps you to employ very first 15 contacts Lotus Notes in Gmail. Acquire this edition so that complete conversion can be done successfully via purchase of comprehensive version.